Pipe Inspection Robot
Technical parameters
Crawler parameters
Drive motor: six-wheel
drive system, dual motors imported from
Switzerland, maximum
output power is 200Wx2 ; climbing ability:
maximum 45 degrees;
Swerve: can be rotated 360 degrees;
Speed: stepless adjustable, the maximum speed is 40m / min ;
Automatic cruise: the crawler can move forward and backward at a
constant speed automatically;
Braking action: shift a zero span for crawler brake;
Applicable pipe diameter: 200mm- 2500mm ;
Working temperature: -20~50;
grade: IP68 , the
basic structure is
composed of
way, the waterproof
pressure is 1bar,
and the water
depth is 10m ;
Weight: 16KG (including a crawler, electric elevator, the lens, the
illumination system and the wheels);
Size: 538mm * 160mm * 130mm ;
Material: 316L stainless steel, 6061 aluminum alloy, etc.;Anhui Kuaitong Technologies Co., Ltd.
1.2.2 Camera parameters
Camera lens: high-performance MR lens
Imaging chip: HI3516EV300+1/2.7 SC3235 sensor;
Resolution: HD color camera, 15 times optical zoom,
automatic\manual focus, 3 million pixels (converted by line speed),
horizontal resolution of 2592*1520 ;
Viewing angle: 100 degrees;
Sensitivity: 0.01LUX ;
Video compression: H265/H264 / support dual stream AVI format;
Light: four bright LED headlamps;
Take photos: One-click photos during video recording;
Working temperature: -20~50;
Protection Level: IP68, can be used to 10m depth
Lens rotation: two degrees of freedom (180°&360° );
Winches parameters
Cable reel: The cable winch is produced by the original factory, has high mechanical strength and
stability, and controls the electric assembly of the entire cable reel system;
Cable arrangement: equipped with cable winding guide device to ensure the orderly arrangement
of the pulling cables during the retracting and unwinding process; electric automatic
synchronization system, synchronous operation between the cable reel and the traction
crawler; the arrangement is set above the cable to prevent the accumulation of silt;
Automatic take-up: When the crawler is moving backwards, according to the size of the wheels
installed during the crawler operation, select the large wheel, the middle wheel, and the
small wheel, and the winch will automatically recycle and arrange the cables according to
the selected state. Select Close to use manual winding.
Counting: with a cable length counter, high-precision (0.01m ±) encoder, used to calculate the
retractable length of the cable;
Noise: using high-quality sliding ring, low noise rolling;
Cable: The cable is 150 meters long; the 6mm diameter cable is equipped with Kevlar special
effect fiber, which is light in weight, strong in toughness, and high in tensile strength. It can
withstand 200kg tension;
Protection: The cable interface is equipped with a tension traction buffer device to prevent the
cable from being accidentally broken and separated from the crawler. The connector is
waterproof to IP68 , dust-proof and splash-proof;
Cable life: before and after use can be swapped cable connector, 2 -fold life extension cable;
Weight: 30KG (including cable and electric cable reel);
Dimensions: 500mm*380mm*380mm ;
Compatibility: Compatible with various types of crawlers;
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