Mini Underwater Robot

Technical Specifcations:
Genaral Specification:
System Configuration :Mini ROV,control
unt and umbilical cable
Rated Depth :150m
Speed:>2 Knots
Thruster:4(2 horizontal and 2 vertical 
with 5 or 6 thrusters optional
Total Weight:30kg
Mini ROV
Model VU-ROT150C
Weight 9KG
Size LXWXH:450mm*290mm*220mm
Vessel material Intensified PVC-U and T6061 anodic aluminum oxide(AAO)
Protection frame High strenth compressed polypropylene
Camera Front camera: Color 1080P IP Camera with 2.8mm Lens Low Lux Rear camera: Color 1080P IP Camera with 2.8mm Lens Low Lux 
Speed 3 Knots
Pan-and-tilt Horzontal 150º,Vertical 150º
Lights 2LED lamps, 2X500 lumen, with dimming function
Temperature sensor High precision digial temperatuure sensor, applied to water temperature monitoring in real time ,can be applied to deep sea
Leakage detection Build-in digital temperature&humidity sensor annd 8 leakage detection sensors
Depth Sensor Pressure sensor
E-Attitude sensor Build-in 9-axis compass,for heading and attiude control in real time
Autonomous functions Auto depth,auto heading ,auto rising and auto diving
Manipulators Uniaxial Manipulators
Power supply Build-in high performance or AC220V, battery supply 4 hours 
 Control Unit
Weight 8kg
Dimension LXWXH:502mm*400mm*171mm
Screen 15.6-inch ips LCD screen
Control  i5 processor 4G RAM 64G HDD 
Button  3 stainless steel buttons with lights
Rocker 3 four-dimension rockers, controlling the motion of the ROV and the position of the pan/tilt unit respectively
Status display Displaying the battery staus,date,time,temperature, depth,humidity and the status of the staus of the mini ROV in real time
handle controller  2.4G Wireless connectivity, 10 Meters effective distance, control the movement of the instrument
Video recording function of video recording, SD card data storage
Power supply Build-in high performance or AC220V, battery supply 4 hours 
Length  150 meters 
Diameter 7mm
Tensile strength 100kg,build-in Kevlar wire for increasing the strength
winch Manual winch
Power supply  
input 220AC 300W
Battery Build-in high performance battery last 4 hours 
warranty 1 year
optional configuration Analog sensor, sonar,manipulator,micro temperarure sensor,mico salinity sensor,micro depth sensor ,micro ph sensor and micro dissolved oxygen sensor ,etc

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