1080P 16X IR High Speed Dome

Key Features:

 Minimal illumination: 0.01 lux @ F1.2 white and black
Adopt high performance infrared array LED, low power, IR distance up to 120m
Built-in thermal processing device, reduce the inside temperature, prevent the ball inside covering of fog
Precision motor drive, sensitive response, smooth operation, accuracy error is less than 0.1 degrees,image jitter free at any speed
Support 3D digital noise reduction
Support the standard API interface, support Onvif and PSIA protocol access
Support automatic aperture, auto focus, auto white balance, backlight compensation
Support the ultra low illumination, 0.05Lux/F1.4 (color), 0.005Lux/F1.4 (white and black), 0 Lux with IR
Support digital DWDR function
360 degrees in the horizontal direction continuous rotation, vertical direction for -2 °to  -90 °, without monitoring blind
Support 128 preset spots, and with preset video freeze function
Support 3 slip cruise scan, each can be added to 16 preset points
Support proportional zoom function, rotating speed can be adjusted automatically according to the zoom multiples of lens
 Support alarm function, built-in 1 channel alarm input and 1 channel alarm output

Micro chipset
Image sensor 1/2.8 "SONY CMOS
effective pixel 2.0mega pixel
Minimal illumination color0.05Lux @ (F1.4AGC ON)
white and black0.005Lux @(F1.4, AGC ON)
0 Lux with IR
white balance Auto / Manual / Auto tracking white balance /Outdoor/Indoor/Fluorescent lamp white balance / sodium white balance
Gain Control Auto / Manual 
3D Noise reduction Off / normal 
SNR 50dB
Back light compensation On / Off
DWDR on/off
D&N system Automatic ICR color change to black
Digital zoom 16 times
Focus mode Auto / Semi-automatic / Manual
Focal length F5mm-80mm Iris F1.6(Wide-angle)   F3.2(Telescope Auto Iris
Zoom speed about 5 second(Optical, Wide-angle-Telescope)
horizontal angle 54.1-3.2 degree(Wide angle-Telescope)
Close shot distance  INF(wide angle), 1500mm(Telescope
Level range Continuously rotate 360 Degrees
Horizontal speed Horizontal monitoring speed: 0.1 ° -160 ° /s, speed can be set
Level preset speed: 240 ° /s
Vertical range -2°-90°Automatic turnover
Vertical speed Vertical monitoring speed 0.1°-120°/s,Speed can be set
Speed of vertical preset point: 200°/s
Proportional variable times support
Number of preset point 128
Cruise scan 3 slip, each can add to 16 preset points
Power off memory support
Preset video freeze support
Timing task Preset point / Cruise scanning / automatic scanning / vertical scanning / random scan / frame scan / panoramic scanning / ball machine reboot / ball machine check / auxiliary output
Infrared function
IR distance 120 meters
Infrared angle variable focus
Max image size 1920X1080
Frame rate 50Hz: 25 frame(1280×720)1920X1080
60Hz: 30 frame(1280×720)1920X1080
Video compression H.264/MPEG4/MJPEG
Video compression G.711ulaw/G.711alaw/G.726
Same time preview video number maximum of 10 CH
Dual stream support
User right Allows 4 users at the same time
Safe mode Multi level password protection, IP address filtering, HTTPS encryption, user record.
System integration
Alarm input support 1 ch alarm linkage(0-5vDC)
Alarm output 1 ch, support alarm linkage
Alarm linkage Preset point / Cruise scanning / pattern scan /SD video / trigger switch output / client electronic map
Audio input Audio input (LINE input), audio peak: 2-2.4V[p-p], output impedance: 1K Ω ± 10%
Audio output Linear level, impedance: 600 ohm
Network interface Built-in RJ45 Network port
Support the 10M/100M network data
Power interface 12V/4A
Application programming interface Support software integration of open API, support the standard protocol (Onvif), support the Haikang SDK and third party management platform access
General specification
Menu Chinese & Eglish
power dissipation 30W max include IR led 15W max
Temperature & humidity -30 -65
Humidity is less than 90%
Protection grade IP66 (outdoor)
TVS 4000V lightning protection, anti surge, anti surge, accord with GB/T17626.5 four standards
Installation Various installation options are selected according to the application environment
Size Φ252(mm)×385(mm)
weight 6.75Kg


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